Sentences and phrases with the word inaccurate

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word inaccurate? Here are some examples.

It is inaccurate to use IQ as the benchmark as to whether a person gets services or not.

It is worth noting that Lord Penzance's definition was inaccurate at the time that he gave it and remains inaccurate today.

Kaye Fallick Cheap, inaccurate labels obscure the problems of an ageing population.

Before you attempt to obtain new credit, you'd do well to remove as much of the inaccurate.

Tradition is a powerful, albeit often inaccurate source for Truth.

Almost every free Internet retirement calculator I evaluated is inaccurate.

What's worse is that there might surface misleading or inaccurate information that can be damaging to one's reputation.

Apparently, there is some inaccurate information about milk being bad to health.

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