Sentences and phrases with the word in vain

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word in vain? Here are some examples.

In Vain's case, he was able to relax even in the slower tempo of a 1600-metre race.

London's Polish immigrants are waiting in vain for the promise of jobs in the New Europe.

He said the teenagers tried in vain to rescue their mate, who was from SA's Yorke Peninsula but who was living in Adelaide.

Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean ? with gusto, went on an epic search in vain to try to find voice recordings of John Dillinger.

Many of these early settlers were Scots, and they did not ask in vain for help from McMillan in establishing their stations.

There are still pockets in the world, neighbourhoods and social groups, where nobody takes the Lord's name in vain.

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