Sentences and phrases with the word in front of

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word in front of? Here are some examples.

Naked volunteers pose for Spencer Tunick in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Exterior blinds moderate the sunlight streaming through the large windows, and rainwater is collected to green the lawn in front of the building.

The Victorian Supreme Court yesterday heard that in mid-March a sign was erected in front of the small synagogue in East St Kilda.

He grew up in front of the camera and transformed himself from child super star to pop icon.

Less than two years later on October 27, 2009, Brumby officially opened Media House in front of government ministers, local politicians, Fairfax management.

Greek riot police charge journalists and photographers in front of the burnt Marfin Bank branch.

Until a few years ago one could also disappear beneath the pavement in front of the Town Hall if Nature's call was urgent.

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