Sentences and phrases with the word hyperactive

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word hyperactive? Here are some examples.

Around the poles they are visible most nights, but only during hyperactive solar activity are they visible at higher latitudes.

Accepting the hyperactive style and almost-too-fast pace I was too soft to handle.

My younger son has been diagnosed with Hyperactive /Impulsive ADHD and depression.

Having a hyperactive child is not easy.

But sometimes, long queues, at airports or travelling in a cramped up space may not be the best way to give the hyperactive kids the break they need.

The question, why are so many children hyperactive may be partially explained by this fact.

How to Help a Hyperactive Child Lead a Normal.

The three types of ADHD are: predominantly hyperactive -impulsive type, predominantly inattentive type, and the combined type.

It is a paradox but apparently stimulants can calm hyperactive children! That is why the psychostimulant medications such.

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