Sentences and phrases with the word high

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word high? Here are some examples.

Dan Harrison High Court dismisses bid by Peter Dupas to permanently stay trial for murder of Mersina Helvagis at Fawkner Cemetery.

I'm in the market for a 2nd PC for my house and am consider a high end netbook or a entry level notebook.

Hypertension is best and commonly known as High Blood Pressure.

In 2006 I discovered that I had high blood pressure.

The high jump, unlike many modern Track & Field events.

High cholesterol is a problem of many people in today's society.

He undertakes a wide variety of High Court and appellate litigation, international arbitration and advisory work.

He focuses on the problems of joint and muscle pain and also on the treatment and assessment of high blood pressure.

The biology major played four years of high school volleyball and three.

You may have nose bleeding due to high blood pressure.

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