Sentences and phrases with the word hardly

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word hardly? Here are some examples.

plan was so foolproof they figured a volunteer could hardly muck things up.

It could be hardly stated that the payment of this amount represented value for money.

Hardly two peas in a pod, Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer were a brilliant combination in The Cook and the Chef.

Getting naturally bigger breasts is something many women want, but hardly any get.

Cream is hardly an appropriate ingredient for the figure-conscious.

Just limited number of options that hardly challenge your ingenuity.

The obvious reason is that they hardly come across them in their remote places and do not have the wherewithal to travel to Europe and meet them.

With carpenters nailing, compressors running and boom boxes playing competing melodies on every floor, you can hardly hear yourself think.

The energies are frantic and you hardly have time to catch your breath.

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