Sentences and phrases with the word habitat

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word habitat? Here are some examples.

All Conservation (249); Wildlife (46); Fish (41); Nature (37); Birds (36); Rivers (28); Places (26); Whales (25); Habitat (20).

Critical habitat supporting the Strzelecki 'super-koala'.

The author gives us a complete guideline to caring for this animal as a pet, with information on food, habitat, and how to determine its age.

If you are considering becoming a beardie keeper, bearded dragon size will be a key factor in creating the proper habitat for your new pet.

Belize is one of the best places in the world to see wildlife in their native habitat : the jungle!.

There is nothing like visiting the wild to see how endangered animals live in their own habitat.

In its native area it is not common and is threatened by habitat destruction.

The habitat of the Beggar Tick grows in slightly shaded, wet places, especially areas that are dry later in the summer.

Penguins are quite engaging subjects whether they are in their natural habitat or in a controlled environment.

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