Sentences and phrases with the word go out

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word go out? Here are some examples.

I intended to go out and celebrate anyway ? win or lose ? and I will probably still go out with some group to a disco.

?I strongly encourage kids to do industry induction programs, where young people have the opportunity to go out and learn from people within that industry.

��Knowing Darren was under age, I got him to put the jumper on and told him to go out and experience what riding trackwork was like.

In the season there are boats that go out from Huskisson on Jervis Bay and on that occasion, apart from getting pix of some of them breaching.

?They said, 'We talk to a lot of ladies, like yourself, who go out and drink with strange men.

We've got no Test representatives, so we just go out and play without fear.

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