Sentences and phrases with the word gladly

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word gladly? Here are some examples.

Callback next day were already auditioning for something else and would have gladly given up a meal before they'd give up a dance class.

Now, I'll gladly tell anyone in earshot.

But Christ will also gladly share power with us in the Kingdom of God, so we may rule with but under Him.

God knows I am certainly not in this for the money, but gladly share the plain truth of the Bible and history as I am able.

This is one of the areas which many busy home owners gladly pay to have maintained on a regular bases.

Not only does the attendee appreciate this and will gladly take and use a promotional bag but the bags will also be seen as the attendee carries.

He gladly supports and helps others on how to write more effectively and efficiently, work at home and build successful internet businesses.

I gladly testify that not all Muslims share their perverted passion, as is evident in noble men like Sheik Abdul Hadi Palazzi of Rome.

I would gladly attend another HART dance session in a heartbeat.

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