Sentences and phrases with the word gibes

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word gibes? Here are some examples.

American Al Gibes welcomes the advent of convergence journalism in the modern newsroom.

The mass of these jokes are directed against Hitler and other Nazi leaders, mostly cyncal gibes at their foibles and weaknesses.

The only thing that makes him feel a little better is the fact that there are lots of other people out both men and women getting the same gibes.

Lacking Grant's suavity, Shaun O'Hagan brings a raw-boned physicality to the role that gibes well with its slapstick requirements.

Races for governor and senator signaled their confidence by tossing general election gibes at their prospective Democratic opponents.

She uttered familiar gibes against career politicians, of which Brown may be the state's supreme example.

Judging from the gibes he sent her way in recent days.

Plekanec traded gibes this week with Washington goalie Jose Theodore, who ended up essentially saying that Plekanec was no Jaromir Jagr.

Providing an aural backdrop are the pointed gibes of Nazi radio broadcaster Axis Sally (Alexandra Maria Lara), who tauntingly asks them.

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