Sentences and phrases with the word gaze

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word gaze? Here are some examples.

Andrew GAZE is giving back to the club that nurtured his talent in a way that only he could.

Basketball star Andrew Gaze has failed to impress on the dance floor, being voted out of Dancing With The Stars.

Tommy Greer talks to basketball great Andrew Gaze at Melbourne Tigers.

But the gaze of the Evil Eye is filled up with negative energies that can bring us down -- anger, hatred, jealousy.

Many are rushing in to the supernatural realms of God to gaze upon His.

If we gaze over the winners of the last Money in the Bank matches in WWE over the past 3 years.

An ambiance full of romance and adoration was all inviting to all who could feel a stir in their hearts in this immaculate gaze the sun was casting.

Under her murky gaze and toothless grin, she warned him about falling asleep here.

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