Sentences and phrases with the word fur

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fur? Here are some examples.

12 May WA designer Harmony & Lawson proud to flaunt fur along with top designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Valentino and more.

After decades as the pariah of the fashion industry, fur is fighting back.

Elle Macpherson has enraged anti- fur campaigners, report Meaghan Shaw and Janice Breen Burns.

Several pure breeds only grow black with white markings fur or vice.

I have a loving heart that is clothed in fur in mutual trust.

Fur Coats the gift that every beloved one dreams of, no matter a woman or a man.

Giving fur scarves this winter and for the holidays will make you an instant favorite with your friends and.

Yet, we dismiss off the shivers while wearing or using fur, and in most cases.

The nails should be cut regularly and the fur must look its best, shinny and clean.

They started systematically hunting Platypuses for their fur.

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