Sentences and phrases with the word fresher

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fresher? Here are some examples.

Cotton is also breathable nature, which means that it can let the air pass through its fibers thus giving a fresher feeling to the user.

Essential to modern life, refrigeration units give us the flexibility in life to keep food fresher for longer.

Everyone loves a clean, clear, younger and fresher looking skin and they strife for it too.

With a fresher mind, you will do a better job at editing the article.

What can you get fresher juice than juice you make yourself? A powerful, easy to clean and handy juicer might be just what your loved one needs.

And the human-generated options can be far fresher and more fitting than the computer-generated ones.

Many of the ingredients added to packaged and processed foods sustain them for longer periods and keep them fresher longer.

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