Sentences and phrases with the word forbidding

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word forbidding? Here are some examples.

Australian suburbia has rarely looked as dark and forbidding as it does in this first feature from Anthony Hayes.

The prize-winning author proves as forbidding in person as a reluctant Nobel laureate can be, Penelope Debelle discovers at Writers' Week.

Instead, the forbidding gates open to allow black official cars and police vans to enter or leave, then shut quickly.

Luke Harding, Moscow Vladimir Putin snubs the Prince of Wales and US Vice- President Joe Biden by forbidding their attendance at a Red Square parade.

The country in the vicinity of the landing place is formidable and forbidding.

Asher Moses Hollywood is trying to stamp out pesky leaks on Twitter and Facebook by adding new rules to its contracts forbidding actors and other creatives.

And while the converted red-brick warehouse is a little forbidding from outside, once you step through the door.

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