Sentences and phrases with the word flee

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word flee? Here are some examples.

17 Mar Up to 50 passengers were forced to flee when fire broke out on the Epping -bound Metro train service.

Travellers fleeing the threat of Hurricane Dean packed the airport of the Mexican beach resort of Cancun today.

Novels:Silver Amulet ISBN 817595 420 5 When Shadows Flee ISBN 81 7662 187 0 Non- fiction; Grace Abounding.

Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruits in keeping with repentance.

Most people flee the task of sustained thinking and decide to take refuge in various forms of entertainment.

More significantly, when Sodom was destroyed, Lot was forced to flee, leaving the wealth he so valued behind.

Want to make fleas flee.

If it is money that you seek, then it will flee from you and sift through your hands like sand you tightly clutch.

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