Sentences and phrases with the word fittingly

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fittingly? Here are some examples.

FITTINGLY, it was Novak Djokovic who put the unpalatable topic on the table.

Jumps racing moves under spotlight at Betfair Park in Melbourne and fittingly features return of two of the sport's biggest stars.

Fittingly Schwarz.

Peter Munro Greg Baum Australia Day, they called it, and fittingly it was marked with both celebration and regret.

Fittingly, Beyonce was recently named Billboard magazine's Woman of the Year.

Tony Blair, fittingly, remains on holiday in an undisclosed European location.

Evans' story is a relatively unknown one, so is fittingly a focus of Cinema India.

There's even a Voldemort lookalike with a white-painted face; perhaps fittingly, he seems to be one of the few here on his own.

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