Sentences and phrases with the word fish and chips

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fish and chips? Here are some examples.

The other one that springs to mind: my mother-in-law lives on Beach Road so my wife and I always go to Sandy Fish and Chips in Sandringham.

The United Kingdom is renowned for seaside resorts featuring fish and chips, kiss-me-quick hats.

Fish and Chips With a Squirt of Business Research It occurred to me once, whilst wandering the busy streets of Central London.

A choppy boat ride for fish and chips on a pier? It's time to refine our definition of one of L.

Boothbay Harbor region ? we drove to Port Clyde, where we had fish and chips and lingered over our Lobster Ales as a rain squall passed.

If it's pub food you crave at the end of a long day, the Bull at Benenden serves steak and kidney pie, fish and chips.

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