Sentences and phrases with the word feisty

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word feisty? Here are some examples.

A feisty Steve Jobs offers the world 'freedom from porn'.

Zoe Ventoura plays the feisty Miki Mavros alongside Raji James in SBS' new romantic comedy Kick.

Martin BLAKE Young, feisty Roos pay no mind to personnel issues, and the few loyal fans on hand able to enjoy another promising win.

If you are a feisty, take-charge kind of gal, you've probably had your share of problems with men and wonder if you'll ever find Mr.

For example, let us compare the classic rough collie to the feisty diminutive Yorkshire Terrier.

Aptly named after a feisty animal, the Rams is a team to contend with.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the feisty and foolish President of Iran.

It can be more testing if you have challenging kids or when you are raising active toddlers and feisty teenagers with plenty of 'tude (attitude).

7 Fun and Feisty Resolutions You're Guaranteed To Achieve In The New Year! 7 New Year Resolutions to Change Your Life.

She is a uniquely mean-spirited, vivacious, and feisty queen that is perfect for Halloween.

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