Sentences and phrases with the word feasible

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word feasible? Here are some examples.

The debate comes before the release of a report that is expected to conclude that nuclear power will be a feasible option for Australia.

If it's feasible, why wasn't all this in Mr Rudd's now-abandoned plan? On carbon credits and emission permits, Pearse has a case.

A court order requiring a Sydney mother and Mount Isa father to share parenting of their seven-year-old isn't feasible, the High Court has ruled.

The common mindset is to wait until when it looks feasible.

A lawsuit loan can provide a feasible financial lifeline to support your case and living expenses during this difficult period.

But when it comes to debt relief options, it would be the debit settlement option which proves to be more feasible option.

However, if an individual finds that non-bankruptcy alternatives are not feasible.

On the face of it, declaring bankruptcy to overcome medical debt seems like a feasible option.

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