Sentences and phrases with the word fateful

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word fateful? Here are some examples.

Almost eight years after Jason Ballerini's fateful dive into the Murray River condemned him to life in a wheelchair.

She even brings out the pink suit she wore on that fateful day in 1963, which she keeps as a grim memento of history.

See how so many huge transformations happened in a fateful way.

This article explains the events surrounding that fateful day known as Friday the 13th.

Make Up Ones Mind On Top Of A Tattoo Design When it comes to fateful on a tattoo, ask yourself the following queries.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of that fateful night of August 31.

To gear up for the fateful day.

Think about 9/11 and the excruciating losses suffered on that fateful day.

Look at the logic and facts before you make that fateful plunge into a possible o-fer season.

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