Sentences and phrases with the word expound

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word expound? Here are some examples.

Maybe it's because in the grim, industrial landscape of their childhood, Doves have finally found a subject they are happy to expound upon.

They'll expound on saltwater charr (similar to salmon); explain how best to tackle the red duck curry.

Many other talking heads are willing to expound on the genius of Curtis and the legacy of a band who changed the face of pop music forever.

In order to fully expound on cellulite treatments, let us begin by giving a skinny on it.

While there are many theories that expound the value of narrative and description, only few guidelines exist for composing intelligent dialogue.

If you are nervous when you are asked to expound on these new concepts or regurgitate new information.

I shall expound precisely why Zen meditation music is your best tool concerning familiarizing yourself with that space of profound relaxed consciousness.

But I have sound reasons for writing on this topic and will try to make a case for the various choices I expound upon.

To expound upon this even further, what we think about, with emotion, we will bring into reality.

If you wish to win the mega million lottery, then expound your tactic knowledge.

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