Sentences and phrases with the word exact

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word exact? Here are some examples.

A decimal approximation will not be accepted if an exact answer is required and where an exact answer is required.

The exact height of the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building, remains a secret, but it is more than 800 metres tall.

“But by its nature this is never going to be an exact science – you don'.

This article provides an exact working & calculation of the Medicare Part D program for a person who does not enter a Donut Hole.

This short article gives the exact steps needed to burn a CD using Nero software.

This article provides an exact working &.

This article will outline the exact steps that you must follow in order to.

In this Asus overclocking guide I'll reveal the exact steps you'.

Interpreting a tarot card spread correctly is not an exact science.

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