Sentences and phrases with the word ethnocentric

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ethnocentric? Here are some examples.

While Australians grew up with a wide range of western television, Americans had a more ethnocentric view of the world, Dr Faulkner said.

It is easy to build ethnocentric walls that cause a resistance to change and hinders you from integrating into your new surroundings.

The ethnocentric myopia of our leaders and policy planners continues to frustrate those of us who cannot help recalling American missteps in.

Will our arts future be ethnocentric or based on traditional American values? Will both forces find a rewarding interactive meeting ground?.

But there was no excuse for the inane and often shockingly ethnocentric commentary written by Thomas N.

During the 1960s we learned not to call people Negroes or Orientals because the terms are so ethnocentric.

Then editors throw in, perhaps to demonstrate they're neither stuffed shirts nor ethnocentric stiffs, matinee idol Bruce Lee.

We certainly are not an ethnocentric member of the old world.

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