Sentences and phrases with the word escapade

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word escapade? Here are some examples.

Snake hunter's survival escapade (00:53).

The 2008 Great Escapade, March 29 to April 10, 2008, will explore the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley.

In one escapade in the late 1940s.

Train-spotting tedium as they talk the torque — you can keep rearranging your Maria Callas CDs until the next silly escapade ramps up.

An amusingly offbeat and original escapade, Stubbs lets players turn the tables and play as a zombie.

He also told of a latter escapade when a Concorde pilot of Miller's acquaintance spotted him by chance in London.

Even its over-the-top finale, with echoes of Borat's rodeo escapade, seems over- calculated this time around.

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