Sentences and phrases with the word enchanted

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word enchanted? Here are some examples.

Ella Enchanted is the story of a fairy blessing that's more of a curse.

Whether pursued by gods, enchanted in woods, slain in accordance with prophesies, restrained in convents, married off at 13.

They are well aware that for every person who is enchanted by trams, there is another close behind who despises them.

The four children soon learn of their destiny to free this enchanted land from it'.

Enchanted Islands.

She publishes the extensive online new age Ezine, The Enchanted Sprite on her website, Enchanted Spirit.

Lingerie is a dynamic apparel that makes every women feel enchanted.

Some Enchanted Autumn by Linda Andrews is an excellent gift idea for the Halloween season.

You and the one you love are dreaming of an enchanted getaway, to do nothing less than tie the knot.

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