Sentences and phrases with the word emerge

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word emerge? Here are some examples.

The Eritrean Star Band is the headline act at the Emerge Festival.

He and others were encouraged to get involved in the MAV's blossoming Emerge Festival.

Once the Bratz girls emerge as live-action characters in a glossy, market-driven film something seems terribly amiss.

Mark Morrison is founder of Quantum Life leap and Emerge The Power Within, a blogging site to emerge your inner power.

The question about why we suffer and how to emerge from suffering is key.

Will Hyundai Emerge As World'.

India Marches Ahead to Emerge as the Largest Economic Power of the World.

Although addiction to alcohol is age old, it is still a serious concern that a lot of people are trying to emerge out of it.

Inevitably gaps in performance will emerge.

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