Sentences and phrases with the word ego

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ego? Here are some examples.

Hurt ego led to murder.

But Hall is merely the support act to his country musician alter ego, Crenshaw.

Indications that Abbott does not share the flat aspect of his alter ego comes early in our meeting.

Personal reputation is an extension of the ego and as such has caused more misery than the plague.

A leader who is capable of transcending ego needs, realizes that she already is a center.

Much of what is motivating for human behavior is action that serves the ego of the individual.

I listened to an online discussion on evolutionary spirituality and evolving beyond the ego presented by Craig Hamilton.

Everybody has an ego, so yes you do.

Many times people wants to get rid of EGO without knowing what ego is.

When we stop being ego -bound and turn our attention to the needs of others.

Ego and feelings are two important components of your self.

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