Sentences and phrases with the word doom

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word doom? Here are some examples.

Global warming has led to a boom in doomsday tourism.

Gloom and doom : the Bronte parsonage.

Are you getting totally fed up with the constant barrage of doom and gloom being force.

Do you make these 3 mistakes that doom your articles to failure? Article Marketing.

And the blogging world is full of doom and gloom for the real estate market.

Ignoring the past will surely doom us if we don't learn from it.

Lately we've been inundated by doom -and-gloom news in the media about the real estate market.

Los Angeles Times reports fanacticism over an imminent end of the world in full bloom with modern day prophets of doom and gloom.

Opponents continue to predict doom upon the existing healthcare system of this great nation.

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