Sentences with the phrase 'do not'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'do not'? Here are some examples.

Father's plea: Do not let them out, they will kill again.

Leaders do not do illegal or corrupt practices.

You want to take advantage of Innocent Spouse Relief but you do not qualify.

Do not give up though; keep your visions, your ideals of love.

At some point in your life you will have big dreams, big goals that will may be misunderstood by your close family or friends, do not quit.

I have been surprised how many companies do not receive a very good report card on the metric business drivers for their business.

This is about a feeling in your stomach that irritates you because you do not know why and where all those feelings come from and how to.

Though a lot of drivers consider the policy expensive to pick, all because they do not know how to get the cheaper ones.

Tokyo Shock Boys: Do NOT try this at home (02:21).

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