Sentences and phrases with the word diligent

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word diligent? Here are some examples.

The diligent work to thwart Britain's home-grown terrorists must continue.

Peking duck ($38/eight pieces) is assembled (not carved) at a handsome, dark- timber trolley beside our table by our diligent waiter.

If we are not diligent, we may find ourselves living in.

Identifying the specific cause and retarding it's growth are the target of diligent efforts.

A major reason the Eastern Cultures have performed diligent research and documentation on herbs for infertility is the Chinese cultures have always put an.

During our childhood, parents and elders would endlessly encourage us to study well and be very diligent in all our undertakings.

It is up to us to be forever diligent so that our freedoms in taking care of our health are not done away with.

Imagine their dismay after 20 or 30 minutes of diligent research when they fail to turn up any information.

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