Sentences and phrases with the word dilation

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word dilation? Here are some examples.

Experiments with atomic clocks on aircraft and spacecraft have demonstrated what scientists call time dilation.

Untreated it is associated with food swallowing difficulties and risk of tearing of the esophagus during endoscopic dilation.

Rosacea is a skin condition in which the face and upper chest are in a state of permanent blood vessel dilation.

Butt vein inflammation (otherwise known as hemorrhoids) is the unwanted dilation of the anal veins due to constant straining.

For bodybuilders, the most interesting process in which NO is involved is the dilation of blood vessels.

Certain chemicals in coffee have even be proven effective at stimulating bronchial dilation of people previously diagnosed with specific types of asthma.

Signs and symptoms include drooping of the upper eyelid, elevation of the lower eyelid, slow pupilary dilation and impaired sweating of the eye.

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