Sentences and phrases with the word detour

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word detour? Here are some examples.

And a quick detour to dairy country finds Mooball.

Another detour from the path of straight journalism is Zwartz's support of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

In this Roadmap to Riches Review, I will be revealing some of the things that I found out that will help us all get to the bottom of this detour dilemma.

In fact, it is critical that you learn from every detour you experience in life.

Detour Bars As we mature, our bodies require a lot of vigor to keep up with the fast changing world.

Discussed in detail are 5 ways to detour yourself from this roadblock, as well as healthy alternatives to take the place of junk food snacking.

Substance Abuse Prevention Speakers & a Drunk Driving Detour.

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