Sentences and phrases with the word destruction

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word destruction? Here are some examples.

Californian developer Insomniac is a master of destruction.

If the US and the UK are having trouble finding weapons of mass destruction, then they shouldn't be getting all hot and bothered.

Why are the False Prophet and the Beast still together after Rome's destruction ?

This DHT causes the destruction of, and neutralization of your hair follicles.

The weapons of mass destruction that the increasingly fascist EU possess will unleash nuclear terror upon our major cities and rain down.

What about death because of total world destruction caused by nature? Now, that's a different story--maybe, a story of polar shift 2012.

(with their daily calls for genocide against the Jews and the destruction of Israel), as boldly called for by Meir Kahane (Malachi 4:4).

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