Sentences and phrases with the word dessert

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word dessert? Here are some examples.

The decision to include this timeless dessert on the restaurants'.

There's more intensity with the middle of three dessert courses.

Article shares insights into what makes this dessert called Malay Kuih so special and how different it is from the Western desserts.

One of the things I most love about my crockpots is that you can make breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert in them.

The thing about dessert is, you wouldn't want to eat it every day.

This is a light, delicious and romantic dessert that is perfect for Valentines day.

Excellent as a side dish or a dessert, this casserole style sweet potato favorite combines with sweet with savory.

Dessert just doesn't do it for me.

Hoodia is a spiny, odd, unique but succulent plant that grows in the South African dessert and in Namibian region.

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