Sentences and phrases with the word delirious

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word delirious? Here are some examples.

Nick Riewoldt kicks the last goal and the Saints are delirious.

I honestly could not believe my eyes when a woman covered in balloons started prancing around as delirious male scientists popped them with.

The Heroic Trio is a delirious, speedy hallucination, a delicious mixture of correspondence and contrast with the world of Irma Vep.

On the day of her death, a 12-year-old girl in foster care lay in the dirt outside her Darwin home, delirious with pain.

Western Sydney stood up to be counted at CUA Stadium last night as 19220 delirious rugby league fans.

In 2005, to delirious excitement from Sappho readers, a new and complete poem was pieced together from cloth pasted around a human mummy.

The people in his pictures have little to do but explore the delirious wonder of colour, texture, light.

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