Sentences and phrases with the word defiance

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word defiance? Here are some examples.

This incredible true story ought to be ideal movie material, but Edward Zwick's Defiance has a few obvious problems.

Joan of Arc was a powerful symbol of French defiance in the Hundred Years War against the English.

In a gesture of defiance, some waved the bright red fighting peacock flag.

But when your child has oppositional defiance disorder ( ODD).

That in itself speaks volumes about my experiences, but mostly that I have an idea about having kids with Oppositional Defiance disorder, also known as ODD.

Its many flags represent the hospitable people, distinct culture and the expression of pride, defiance and protest in every occasion the country celebrates.

Some studies have shown that Inattentive ADHD symptoms without concurring disruptive symptoms such as impulsiveness or oppositional defiance respond as well.

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