Sentences with the phrase 'dead weight'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'dead weight'? Here are some examples.

Pisa performance is undermined by trendy progressivism, or by dead weight tradition.

Removing Dead Weight When was the last time you asked.

He just physically dragged a dead weight through five or six feet of water.

Mr Nadella would do well to make Microsoft more competitive, by sharpening innovation, cutting dead weight and boosting morale.

She can take the heaviest, dead weight of an ethical dilemma and stretch then lighten it into a full, compelling human story.

But it takes a truly radical band to dispense with the dead weight of guitars and drums completely.

Often it's because they have a Ned Kelly-like identity as the outsider, rising up against the dead weight of authority and tradition.

All tractors must pull a dead weight until they can pull no more.

Often there are times in business when corporate managers and executives need a little shake up and that means to shed the dead weight that is not up to the.

Who wants to drag around a dead weight, or invite a virus to a party? Think about the type of person that you would like to spend time with.

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