Sentences and phrases with the word cylinder

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word cylinder? Here are some examples.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has confirmed that part of an oxygen cylinder and valve entered Interior damage near one of QF30'.

The reason that that is a misfire is because there is stress on the cylinder causing it to be more off centre than it normally is.

Why Four- Cylinder and Six- Cylinder Engines Aren't Far Apart in MPG Guess what? Four- cylinder and six- cylinder cars aren'.

An air cylinder is generally a device shaped cylindrical or tube, which contains a shaft, plunger, and a rod.

In this article we discuss the ins and outs of drawing objects that have the shape of a cylinder.

All employees who come in contact with compressed gas cylinders should be able to understand what gases are inside the cylinder.

Will larger cars soon be powered by four cylinder engines? In Europe, the Audi A8 may soon have a 230 horsepower inline four under its hood.

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