Sentences and phrases with the word counsel

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word counsel? Here are some examples.

A family law specialist, Caroline Counsel.

Victorian Trades Hall assistant secretary Nathan Niven said yesterday that he was shocked by the spending on counsel and mystified by the.

It is believed the defence official under investigation, DMO general counsel Gillian Marks, previously worked at Freehills.

Corporate legal managers and the business teams they support complain seemingly constantly about outside counsel expense.

Actually, it seems no matter where you turn, you hear someone giving advice or counsel on one issue or another.

Then in 2001, during a time of crisis, she began to work with the Counsel of Light through a channel named Flo Aeveia Magdalena.

That legal counsel does not represent the board or a single member of the.

This is to the advantage of the individual who is seeking legal counsel.

Consulting is by definition giving advice or providing counsel.

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