Sentences and phrases with the word corn

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word corn? Here are some examples.

The US Government's ethanol drive may have boosted the fortunes of corn farmers.

About 1500 activists, led by radical French farmer Jose Bove, have ripped up a field of transgenic corn in south-west France.

Corn futures for March delivery closed at pennies over $US4 a bushel last Tuesday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Its main produce now includes: wheat, maize, buckwheat and other corn, red and green vegetables, all kinds of fruit, melons and berries.

The women making blue corn tostadas knead the dough before flattening it, their palms bright blue.

More than 240 kilograms of corn ? enough to feed one person for a year ? is required to produce 100 litres of ethanol.

Gm corn and cotton have genes inserted that produce a pesticide called Bt.

With the cost of corn already pushing up food prices, a spokesman for the Grocery Manufacturers Association called the projection alarming.

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