Sentences and phrases with the word conjure up

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word conjure up? Here are some examples.

As it was virtually impossible to conjure up WMD stockpiles where none existed, he did the next best thing.

Royal Australian Institute of Architects national president Carey Lyon believes Melbourne is too mature to conjure up a design merely to.

There will be some sounds in there that will conjure up some memory or feeling from some time in the past.

The ban might even conjure up an age, and my guess is also a nostalgia (perhaps misplaced), for what has gone.

Sydney on the other hand manages to conjure up three: Pier (94th), Quay (46th) and Tetsuya's (17th).

Slide his wrists along its neck to bend the pulse into a syncopated backbeat; or use his voice to conjure up an invisible funk drummer.

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