Sentences and phrases with the word compromise

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word compromise? Here are some examples.

Gates hints at compromise strategy on Afghanistan.

The proposed compromise emerged after France and Russia.

Shaun TANDON The International Whaling Commission on Thursday unveiled a compromise proposal aimed at resolving longstanding rifts under which Japan would.

What does compromise mean to you? What does compromise mean to your marriage? Many people think compromise means me getting what I.

Explanation of how the IRS Offer in Compromise works.

Keep that in mind when making submitting your Offer In Compromise.

It is the combination, compromise and fluid interaction between cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility.

But how does one initiate the compromise ? This is where a love letter can come in to help.

Here you can search for the best possible weight loss options for you, without having to compromise on your health requirements.

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