Sentences and phrases with the word clamored

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word clamored? Here are some examples.

We've clamored for a decade for a mobile advertising platform that delivers messages and response with trackable reliability.

T-ball as an organized youth sport in the 1950s because he couldn't bear to turn away young children who clamored to play baseball, has.

Items seized from the masterminds of a $17-million robbery were auctioned and thousands clamored to buy a piece of criminal history in Charlotte.

So far, 15 people have clamored to get on the list.

If Mayweather beats Mosley, there will be significant work ahead to secure the super-fight the boxing world has clamored for.

From the time the series aired, veterans clamored for a chronicle of the Pacific war.

After Charles Goodyear invented vulcanization and the world clamored for all things rubberized.

Anti-smoking groups have clamored for years for the government to exert more control over the industry.

Frank Sinatra was first in a long line of celebrities who clamored for the privilege to be cream-faced, including Tony Curtis.

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