Sentences and phrases with the word chain reaction

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word chain reaction? Here are some examples.

In its third year, the Chain Reaction Challenge will raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation and Cerebal Palsy Education Centre.

In the middle of a chain reaction : supermarkets have stronger buying power under Metcash.

Chain reaction : naked cyclists take to Madrid's streets to make a point.

Some people are compelled to incur more loans to pay off the existing loans and this triggers off a chain reaction.

With the collapse of the housing market setting off a chain reaction of bad economic news.

You know how it happens, one shot into the woods or missed putt during a crucial time and it starts a chain reaction of playing poorly.

That is the sound of an actual collision that starts a chain reaction, which later leaves everyone in confusion.

This causes a chain reaction and they become abusive back.

Menopause hot flashes are the end result of a chain reaction of chemicals and responses within the body during menopause.

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