Sentences and phrases with the word carry out

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word carry out? Here are some examples.

Yet it is leading to a push to increase the age at which young people can drive, drink or carry out other activities.

Mark Davis Federal government warned that it may have to carry out safety inspections on significantly more than 200000 homes it has pledged to check.

Civil celebrants carried out 53 per cent of all marriages last year, but largely because they carry out the vast majority of second.

Undue influence, coercion, isolation and manipulation are all weapons used by perpetrators to carry out this abuse.

In everything we do, different kinds of clothing are necessary to basically carry out the activity well.

Biometric fingerprint readers carry out authentication, identification and verification functions, whereby your fingerprints become your digital passwords.

Debt settlement program is based on negotiation techniques and success depends on how well you carry out the negotiation right from the beginning of the.

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