Sentences and phrases with the word cache

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word cache? Here are some examples.

Police seized a cache of firearms and explosives in Melbourne's outer east this morning, as part of an ongoing operation.

This occurs when your browser has cached old files that have been updated on our sites.

His latest film, Cache, was widely tipped as the likely winner at the last Cannes Film Festival.

In Tuesday's raid, the two dogs helped seize a cache of around a million pirated game and movie discs in the southern city of Johor Baru.

Strange trip: the long career of the Flaming Lips began when Wayne Coyne (centre ) stole a cache of musical instruments from a church.

It's a very significant undertaking to place such cache of arms for what was a very temporary emergency.

(The Google cache is famous on the web as a place to get at material that has been removed.

Google cache : A side-effect of Google's search system is its ability to cache or store a copy of information published on the net.

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