Sentences and phrases with the word bridal

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word bridal? Here are some examples.

The Waifs performing ' Bridal Train' at the Metro Theatre in February 2009.

Sarah and Daniel with the bridal party (from left): Renee Farnham, Tilly Craig, Sean Phillipson, chief bridesmaid Sarah Goodsell.

Brides-in-waiting can look as good as Sarah Jessica Parker on her wedding day, thanks to a celebrity-worthy bridal expo.

If you're planning a bridal shower for a friend, you naturally want to include bridal shower favors in the mix.

The bridal corsets are such form fitting that gives shape to the mid-section of the figure of women.

Well, with the exception of her boss who may be clueless to her new found bridal consulting 'position'.

Stones and Pearls Look Great With Your Bridal Lehenga Choli.

If you've been tasked with finding favors for a bridal shower.

Fancy is the best possible word to describe bridal lehenga choli.

Garden and flower favors are great for bridal parties.

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