Sentences and phrases with the word beatific

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word beatific? Here are some examples.

I am a kindly and beatific soul who wants nothing more than for your social standing to remain unencumbered by controversy and, above all.

If Bert comes across each weekday morning as all beatific urbanity and camp quips, Kerri-Anne is a flurry of excitement and dizzy humour.

Gilbert Lau is a beatific presence with a butterfly lightness of step and a steely satellite eye for what needs to be done.

And thus the beatific national title game at the gorgeous Rose Bowl on Thursday will be shaded in a guy who is as pleasant as Pasadena in.

Crosses abound, as do sad-faced Jesuses and beatific Virgins, one with her robe flaring out like a river delta.

Radiant in a blue gown and later in white, the Australian singer was part stately diva, part beatific abbess.

Her expression is beatific as she speaks gently into her microphone headset.

It's a noble, beatific Buddha meant to reflect the serious nature of the space.

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