Sentences and phrases with the word bath

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word bath? Here are some examples.

Kylie Davis takes a soak in Bath, in a restored architectural masterpiece that would have impressed the Romans.

Celebrities this season include newsreader Chris Bath, singer David Campbell, actor Michael Caton, model Nicky Buckley.

The police were startled out of their beds, the bank manager was surprised in his bath, and the telegraph-master.

After a long, hard day at work, the first thing to do upon reaching home is to take an equally long, hot bath to unwind and relax.

A Steam Bath Generator Provides the Steam For Your Shower.

We look at the options of a walk in bath tub, cast iron tub and corner bath tubs.

Bathroom renovations may mean finding a reputable home contractor for your bathroom installation and design project.

Most young, able-bodied people do not think twice about taking bath.

Floor and Bath Design specializes in hardwood flooring.

Bath time is typically a fun time for most babies.

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