Sentences and phrases with the word bar

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word bar? Here are some examples.

Michael Harden visits a bar of substance in inner-city Northcote.

Michael Harden unearths a bar where the staff are happy to share their knowledge with grace.

Penny Blue's bar is welcoming to the spirits-lover but it's the wine and beer that impress.

The best thing about any good sports bar is the televisions.

There are all sorts of deals on home bar furniture for your townhouse or home.

The demise of a bar of soap is a soapsliver.

Often, then, the things that really matter, such as the bar equipment and other bar accessories can get left to the last minute.

A Bull bar plays a vital role in the front of your vehicle.

But how will you know the bar code and how exactly it helps you in saving your money?.

The iron gym extreme edition workout bar is a superior version of the popular iron gym chin up bar.

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